Safe Browsing

How to Browse the Web Safely

Threats are always just one click away! Keep your organization away from the threats they don't even know are there. Utilizing Cisco's FireSIGHT, FirePOWER, URL Filtering, and Advanced Malware Protection, in addion to DNS tools, LTC can keep you clear of threats...

LTC Shield Services are constantly updating from endpoints across the globe, greatly limiting the damage an outbreak can do to your organization. Keep your intellectual property, trade secrets, or your financials out of the hands of the Ransomeware threats!

You've heard it on the news, heard it from friends, heard it from family. The Ransomware industry is booming. Getting this sofware on your business network can be costly, if not devastating. LTC utilizes the best technologies to mitigate the threat from network perimeter to endpoints, even mobile devices.

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Keep the Bugs Out!

Cisco's Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints extends the knowledge of endlessly emerging threats to the desktop & mobile devices. Sharing this information between the network & the endpoints allows for complete visibility of a threat in your environment.